Arbor Day 2017

Arbor Day was celebrated at Rideout Field in West Concord on Friday, April 29. The Garden Club of Concord donates a tree to the Town of Concord every year and have been doing so for the past 35 years.  This site was chosen alongside the tennis courts after some locust trees were removed.   A “Wildfire” Black Tupelo, also known as a Sour or Black Gum, was selected for the spot.   In spring the leaves are initially red. Fall foliage is dramatic in color.  A neighbor stopped by to say how “thrilled” she was when she learned that this specific tree is a male of the species.  She has a female tree and hopes it will assure that the pollinators will help to set the berries which birds love.
Members of the Garden Club of Concord with Dan Rowley, Highway and Grounds  Superintendent and Richard Reines, Director, Public Works.
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Art In Bloom,Photographed.

What a beautiful arrangement this year despite a crazy turn of events! Many thanks to Ellen Whitney, arranger and Kate Chartener, assistant . Hope that many of you got to see it in person.

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Art in Bloom!!!

Art in Bloom starts tomorrow, and we have a new object!
What a surprise to hear this week that the feather wings of our object “Goddess” were found to be bug-infested, and the piece was removed from the museum. It has been replaced with an oversized photograph by the same artist. The works have similarities — the photo includes the same wings worn by a transgender woman in a long, flowing satin gown reminiscent of the “Goddess” ribbons, but in a different color.

The Art in Bloom team asked us not to change our design, and they are crafting a way to talk about the change of object in the tours. But if you visit you’ll notice that a number of elements – like color palette – don’t quite line up, and now you’ll know why!

Never before has an artwork been replaced just before Art in Bloom. We have a first!Ellen and Kate

A detail from our mock-up (thank to Mary Ann Ferrell for lending her handsome vase)
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Garden Club Federation Luncheon

Hilda Parrott,Vice President and Mary Ann Ferrell,President with Laura Lindop who made the incredible arrangement pictured in front of them,and was the guest speaker. Laura is familiar to many of us from many activities and events in Concord, and has been a guest speaker to our Garden Club. They were at the Garden Club Federation Middlesex District Luncheon in Lexington today.

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Divide and Conquer details

The workshop will be at Marty Wallace’s, 1437-2 Monument St,  Monday, May 1, from 1 to 3 pm.  Participants will be dividing and potting up several different types of perennials.  If possible, bring hand tools, such as clippers and trowels, garden gloves, and a few empty pots.   You can sign up by emailing Marty at

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Divide and Conquer!

Marty Wallace has agreed to host a workshop on how to divide perennials in her gardens on Monday May 1, from 1 to 3 pm.  Members will need to bring digging tools and pots and the hope is that they leave educated and run back to their own gardens and divide them to pieces!

Charity Tremblay will be Marty’s assistant and will take care of the refreshments.

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Concord Arbor Day

Arbor Day tree planting at Put-in-Bay Ohio

The Concord Garden Club sponsors an annual Arbor Day tree planting with the Concord’s Public Works Department.
Please join your friends and neighbors to celebrate Arbor Day.
DATE:  April 28, 2017
TIME:  10:00 AM
LOCATION:   Rideout Field, 61 Laws Brook Road,  West Concord
See you there.
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