Spring Outreach Project


What could be better than delivering a special spring flower basket to a shut-in?! Everyone is needed to make the Spring Outreach Project a wonderful success – help make the baskets, enjoy a light lunch, choose some names and make a brief visit/delivery to someone in need.





This year our Spring Outreach Project will meet in the lower level at Tricon Church.  This is one of our most meaningful outreach activities, and your visit to some of our Concord shut-ins always brings a smile and a bit of spring cheer where it is most needed.

If you have friends or neighbors who are shut-ins, or who are experiencing difficult times, please send their names to Kitsy, Mary or one of the Susans. Your recommendations mean a lot, and we will make sure each person receives a touch of spring.

Kitsy Rothermel

      978-369-7573; kitsy.mcr@icloud.com

Susan Eckel

      978-369-9374; eckel.susan@gmail.com

Susan Fineberg

      978-341-4111; susan@fineberg.net

Mary Kaiser

      978-369-0157; mpkontrary@netscape.net


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