Best Bees- Community Meeting

Best Bees

Best Bees


The Garden Club of Concord

Annual Community Meeting

May 18th 7:00pm

Trinitarian Congregational Church

54 Walden Street, Concord

Join us to hear

Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich

Co-Founder of The Best Bees Company


Chief Scientific Officer, Noah Wilson-Rich is a behavioral ecologist and published author. Noah was born in Manhattan, raised in Connecticut, and studied in Boston. He continues to be inspired by community gardens and underutilized spaces in New York, Boston, and cities around the world. Ironically, Noah was not fond of insects as a kid. He and his family were terrified at nearly every creepy-crawly thing passing by. It wasn’t until high school when Noah began investigating what all the anti-arthropodian sentiment was about. In an AP Environmental Science course, Noah participated in Project SEARCH, a state-run program in Connecticut that surveyed aquatic invertebrate species as bio-indicators for water pollution.

Noah continued his involvement in research as an undergraduate at Northeastern University from 2000-2005, and produced his first three publications during this time. Noah continued these investigations into the mysteries of the social insect world, as a graduate student at Tufts University from 2005-2011. As an academic scientist, Noah has held various adjunct faculty  appointments in biology, including at Tufts University, Northeastern University, and Simmons College. He has given two talks at TEDxBoston, “Every City Needs Healthy Honey Bees” in 2012, and “Our Future with Bees” in 2014. His 2014 book, The Bee: A Natural History, published by Princeton University Press in the U.S. and Ivy Press, Ltd. in the U.K. and Europe, is now available wherever you like to buy your books.




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