Spring Basket Workshop-March 16th

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If you ever wonder if the baskets we so lovingly make REALLY mean something to the people who receive them,here are some notes we have received in the past:
“Many thanks…a graceful way to begin the springtime!”
“I feel honored  by the Club….it certainly made my day.”
“I am most appreciative…the primrose is a lovely sign of Spring!   It is a joy to see these cheerful blooms”
“It was a great lift and nice to be thought of…”
“The African violet you brought has 21 blossoms!.  Please know that it means so much to me…”
“What a great feeling to find my Violet’s smiling at me…”
“So nice do all of you to think of us seniors.  I know it is a lot of hard work.”
“I am certainly enjoying the beautiful flowers, as a beginning of Spring!”
“Our mother has always loved flowers and they do boost her spirits.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.”
“The cheerful bouquet gave me a real “lift” on a late winter day”

PLEASE make a special effort to come to this wonderful community event-something we do that is VERY special!

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