Exploratory Walk-Please Sign Up!


Sign-up now for this wonderful chance to walk and learn!
Wednesday, October 28th join naturalist Cherrie Corey on an exploratory walk along the Emerson-Thoreau Amble.
Discover a variety of common and rare plant life, trees and shrubs.
Two hour walk (10am -12pm)
Cost $20.
Rain dateOctober 29th.
Please e-mail amanda@vonweise.net to sign-up.
On this two hour walk Cherrie will guide and explain the diverse habitats, and plant life as you amble past a variety of meadows, hedgerows, wetlands and trees. You’ll discover beautiful views along hidden stretches of the Mill Brook, cross footbridges, admire the vibrant color of the oaks rimming the pond, wander through stands of mature yellow birch and hemlocks. Along the way, Cherrie will impart her knowledge and share the rich floral history of this unique glacial basin as we know it from Thoreau.
The walk will start at Heywood Meadow, go over to Fairyland Pond, then loop back to Cambridge Tpk, along the base of Brister’s Hill following a trail Thoreau called Clintonia Path. Once at Old Cambridge Tpk., we’ll take the sidewalk over the Mill Brook and back to our cars parked at the museum.
Folks should park along the Old Cambridge Tpk. near the museum and Emerson House, and we’ll meet behind the Gun House in Heywood Meadow, near the Emerson-Thoreau Amble sign.
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