Concord Farm and Garden Fair on September 12th!


PLEASE  Volunteer!!!

3rd Annual Concord Farm & Garden Fair, September 12

Check out the Concord Food Network Site for details:

We are hosting 2 events and need volunteers to staff:

10 – 2 pm Education Table at the Farmers Market, Main

St. Concord Center

Volunteer for a shift: 9:00-11:30 OR 11:30-2:15

2 – 5 pm Concord Garden Tour

Volunteer for a shift at gardens: 1:45-3:30 OR


CONTACT: Kim Wass at : or 978 807 6267

Sneak preview of Concord private gardens:

Bees, Chickens, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, and Fruit.

In the words of the owners: Once a dairy farm on the

outskirts of Concord, the old hay field and pasture are

where our vegetable garden now grows vegetables,

flowers, herbs, and fruit (grapes and raspberries).

Beyond the garden is the beehive. The combination of

our chickens and our garden allows for repurposing of

vegetable waste to the chickens, and chicken manure

to enhance our compost pile, and compost applied to

the garden each spring. The bees pollinate our

vegetable garden and fruits each season, and we

manage our field for wild flowers and milkweed, which

is a current priority of the federal government to help

restore Monarch Butterfly habitat. We use our grass

clippings and mulch on our garden. The bounty of our

garden and beehive is harvested each fall and

our family throughout the year.


Three-generation garden

This garden is lovingly maintained with three

generations in mind. For their grandchildren, the

owners widened the paths and spread them with wood

chips from local trees, and added themed beds such as

“fairy garden” and “hummingbird garden” to delight,

educate, and entice the children to be active

participants in the garden. Visitors will have the

opportunity to see and learn how to build solarpowered

deer fencing and work toward zero waste

using leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps to

build a simple home composting system. Handouts will

be available.

Vertical Gardening, Seed Saving

Visitors will learn how to plan a vegetable and herb

garden with limited space using different methods of

vertical gardening, containers to increase yield, and

drip irrigation for sustainable watering. The gardener

will be available to answer questions about seed saving

and how to use Concord’s new Seed Lending Library whose mission

is to encourage gardeners to plant and save openpollinated,

heirloom seeds.


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