Concord Gardeners Cooperative


Summer greetings to Gardeners Cooperative members
What a summer for an abundance of food, flowers and fruit!
Our members have been very busy this growing season. Here is a quick summary of our joint efforts in 2014, not including individual efforts by members to increase visibility of gardeners in our community.
1. “Ask a Gardener” basic gardening tips program on Earth Day with Gaining Ground, Garden Club of Concord, and Gardening for Life;
2. Soak up the Rain:Rain Gardens program with Town departments; Gardening for Life and West Concord Green Thumbs (filled to capacity);
3. Mid-Summer Garden Tour with Rebecca Purcell, Community Gardens, and home food gardeners Debra Stark and Cheryl and John Mandler (filled to capacity).
And now the Concord Gardeners Cooperative offers eight home food and flower garden tours as part of the Farm and Garden Fair on September 13! Thank you to the Concord Seed Lending Library, Garden Club of Concord, East Quarter Farm Community Garden, Gaining Ground, Riverwalk Community Garden and Thoreau Farm for offering tours, talks and garden related activities.
Our marketing team is hard at work!   Attached is the Farm and Garden Flyer and Program Guide, listing each of the  activities around town and a schedule list by day and time. Copies are available to pick up at the Town House, Visitor Center, participating farm stands and both libraries. We are delighted with  our restaurant partners, who offer Ag Day specials for visitors who want to stay in town for a picnic lunch or dinner.
Here is where we all need your help to to reach a broader audience!
Please send the attached Program Guide  to your own e-list of friends, neighbors and gardening groups! Help spread the word about a whole weekend filled with a bit of  woo-woo and  how-to!   As promised, the website includes more details to welcome visitors to the Farmers Market…and then stay for lunch, garden and farm tours, bicycle tours of the Concord Foodscape and the Lexicon of Sustainability! Take a look and see for yourself: Thank you to Concord Conserves for creating a google map of the Fair activities, which will be on the website later this week.
Feel free to add this text to your message.
The 2014 Fair begins with the Farmers Market in Concord Center, followed by a dozen Farm and Garden Tours featuring small-scale, bio-diverse farms, historic greenhouses, heritage gardens, hunger relief, seed saving, veggies, bees, chickens, flowers, an herb CSA—the works!  New this year are the nine restaurants that offer Farm and Garden Ag Day specials; the Lexicon of Sustainability on loan from the Museum of Science, and a casual bike tour of gardens on Saturday and farms on Sunday. The Stone Soup dinner concludes the Fair with a sumptuous meal under the tent at Verrill Farm. What a weekend! Go to: for more info. See you at the Fair
That’s it! Thanks for your support throughout the past six months. We need five more volunteers to welcome visitors at our home gardens on Saturday afternoon from 2-5 pm…if you can help…let me know.
See you at the Fair! This is going to be such fun!
Debbie, for the Planning Team
cc: Joan Daniels, Brooke Redmond, Dave Smith, Kim Wass, Emily Wheeler and graphic designer Maia Kennedy.
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