AG Day-need volunteers!


 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 13: Concord Garden Club is hosting 2 events during the 2nd annual Concord Ag. Day Farm & Garden Fair


10 – 2 pm Education Table at the Farmers Market, Main St. Concord Center

Volunteer for a shift : 9:00-11:30 OR 11:30-2:15


2 – 5 pm Garden Tour (featuring backyard vegetable, fruit & herb gardens, bee keeping, chickens)

Volunteer for a shift at gardens: 1:45-3:30 OR 3:30-5:15

Contact Kim Wass (, Lynn Huggins ( or Victoria Mulligan ( who are organizing these events and need your help on September 13!

Sneak preview of the gardens to be on the tour:

A: Three-Season Organic Garden: Veggies, raspberries, fruit trees and bees.     Since purchasing their historic home on the Sudbury River over 30 years ago, the owners have carved out a backyard oasis which was once filled with poison ivy, honeysuckle, raspberries and roses growing wild in and around a few old apple trees.   Features include an enclosed vegetable garden with an additional bed of garlic and onions, cold frame, raspberries, fruit trees and beehives. A passion for native pollinator plants and gardening sustainably, the owners serve as a model for living in harmony with their land the river eco-system surrounding them.

B: Neighborhood Herb CSA and More.

These gardens were first developed 65 years ago when the neighborhood association was formed. The herb garden is a more recent addition, designed, planted and maintained by a long time neighborhood resident. For a small fee to cover the cost of buying plant materials, residents can stop by with baskets in hand and collect fresh herbs. She and her husband’s love of organic gardening and their interest in helping others to learn has helped nurture the herb garden and resident adjoining garden plots, totaling nearly one acre of land held in common by the neighborhood association.

Visitors will leave with creative ideas for designing their own herb garden, what herbs to plant, gardening using solar paneled electric deer fencing, companion planting and other sustainable gardening methods.


C: Chickens and front yard vegetable garden

The chicken coop on wheels is designed and built by an Amish community and is anchored by a chicken run keeping out wild life while giving the chickens ample outside space. Strategically locating the coop adjacent to the garage provides shade and easy access for collecting eggs each day. An interest in eating home grown vegetables inspired the owner to add an enclosed vegetable garden next to an old apple tree in the front yard, the sunniest spot on the property. Growing potatoes in bags, exploring sustainable irrigation methods for her garden reflect the owner’s eagerness to learn and she is enthusiastic about sharing with others.








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