Order Plants from Wilhelmina!

Dear Garden Club Members,

The following plant material can be ordered by stating your request via email to Wilhelmina.Checks should be made out to the GARDEN CLUB OF CONCORD and mailed to P.O. Box 1296, Concord, MA  01742 no later than April 18th.

All pictures are above the description!
1) Acer pseudosieboldianum,  great in all seasons. Elegant small maple. Superb long lasting fall foliage. Very hardy. Morning sun. Worth the wait! Not available else where.  2 gallon. $23.

2) Aesculus parviflora,  bottlebrush buckeye. Sun/shade. White bottlebrush flowers in august. See the glorious specimen in R.W. Emerson’s garden opposite the museum. 2 gallon. $35. Very hard to find.

3) Clethra alnifolia crystalina. Summer sweet. Dwarf shrub. Profuse white bottlebrush flowers in summer. Good fall foliage. Fragrant. 2 gallon. $35.

4) Fothergilla major blue shadow. Sun/ shade. Understory. Small white flowers in summer. Another well behaved native without pests or diseases. 3 gallon. $37.50

5) Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle. Very long lasting white mop head flowers. Will spread by root shoots. Some shade for this water loving shrub. 2 gallon $23.

6) Itea virginica “little Henry”. Dwarf sweet spire. See the line up at Charity’s terrace! Wonderful native fragrant shrub. Tiny white spires in early summer. 3 gallon. $30

7) Lindera benzoin. Spice bush. Elegant understory small tree. Clouds of tiny yellow blossoms before the leaves come out in late winter. Red berries in fall.Will tolerate wet feet as well as drier conditions.  2 gallon. $21.

8) Magnolia grandiflora Ashei. Ash magnolia. One of the native big leaf magnolias ( 1 foot ) and dinner plate greenish/ white flowers followed by fist like seed capsules with bright red arils. This stunning tropical looking tree is very hard to find indeed. Just the ticket for an architectural vertical statement. Filtered sun. Wind protection.      5 feet.  $120.


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