Concord Ag Day!!


Just 2 weeks away: Saturday, September 7 

Concord Ag. Day Farmers Market and Farm &  Garden Fair!

Click on the link below to see the program flyer and review the full listing of venues around town:

Mark your calendars!

Tell family and friends!   

Great opportunity for members to spend time with children & grand children!

Here is how you can get involved:

Garden Club of Concord is taking part in 2 ways:

–       A table at the Farmers Market offering education outreach, pre-bulb sale publicity and scholarship information.

Home Garden Tour of four Concord gardens close to the Center, including our very own Lynn Huggins, featuring vegetables, herbs, fruits, chickens, bees & goats.  See Garden Description Flyer below. 


Farmers Mkt. Table

9:00 – 11:30

Home Garden Tours 2 – 5 pm or

1:45 – 3:30

3:30 – 5:15

Contact Kim Wass by email or cell# (978) 807-6267




The four gardens on tour are free, open to the public, and are within one mile of Concord Center. Please pick up free tour tickets with garden locations at the Garden Club of Concord Table at the Farmers Market, 10 – 2 pm or if unable to attend the Farmers Market, email:  Visitor Guidelines: No pets/strollers, children welcome accompanied by adults, gardens not handicap accessible

A: Three-Season Organic Garden: Veggies, herbs, chickens and bees.

Using biodynamic and organic methods, the host’s vegetable and herb gardens provide   much of the family’s produce starting in early Spring through late Fall.  Vegetables, herbs and flowers co-mingle in beds nestled amongst rambling Concord grape vines with trails leading down to the Sudbury River. Tucked to one side of the property at the edge of a tiny brook is a chicken coop and yard, home to the family’s hens when they are not free ranging. The owner, an avid biodynamic beekeeper, has her hives placed on the opposite edge of the yard, overlooking the gardens.

B: Raspberry Patch Garden The raspberry patch began when the family moved from Michigan to Massachusetts with 12 raspberry canes in tow. 19 years later there are now many rows of canes and 11 varieties, some cross-pollinated by the owner, a recently retired molecular biologist who has made it his passion to grow and breed raspberries.  The plants are grown on the banks of the Sudbury River in the heart of Concord, along-side his wife’s vibrant perennial gardens and the natural habitat of the river’s edge. The raspberries supply his family and friends with jam and cordials throughout the year.
C: Chicken Coop and Kitchen Potager Tour A little bit of country in the heart of Concord, the owners have created several gardens, including a small formal kitchen potager in the center of the yard with herbs and vegetables planted within brick pathways. The owners were inspired to raise chickens when they learned of their ability to rid the garden of ticks and other garden pests. Soon the garden shed was transformed into a chicken coop and family and friends have been enjoying fresh organic eggs.  A pergola later attached to the building adds an element of whimsy to the scene as well as a space to sit in the gardens and enjoy the charming antics of the hens.
D: Meet the Goats at this low maintenance garden! If this gardener could pass on one piece of wisdom it would be that anyone can garden and grow food. She and her partner have transformed their backyard into a low maintenance and highly productive garden of vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Using a system of hoops and row covers over raised beds, early Spring greens and late Fall vegetables are protected from the cold as well as pests.  In 2009, she fulfilled a long-time dream of raising goats. Behind the vegetable beds, the owners built sheds and a generous fenced in yard. The goats are regularly walked along conservation trails near their home. Raising goats mean fresh milk and cheese.








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